Were you around in 1988? Some events from that year may bring it all flooding back?
  • Ben Johnson wins the 100m gold at the Seoul Olympics and is then disqualified for taking the anabolic steroid, Stanozolol.
  • Salmonella is found in Eggs in Britain causing problems for British Farmers.
  • Laws restricting opening times for UK Pubs are changed allowing Pubs to stay open all day.


You may be particularly pleased at the third one above but 1988 was special to us for another reason. This was the year that UK Financial Rules brought many firms into a regulation scheme so that customers could receive compensation for products that were mis-sold. The rules and schemes have evolved and changed many times since 1988 but the basic principle still holds true - if you have been treated unfairly and provided with someting unsuitable then we can claim to get your money back.



Many clients may have been told by a Claims Company or their Finance Provider that they are not eligible to claim - if your finance was taken after 1988 then we will probably think differently.


It does not matter


- If the lender and seller were different.

- If you do not have any documents.

- When the finance was sold.

- Who sold the financial product.

- If the seller has now ceased trading.



Knowledge is Power so the saying goes and we are big believers. So we pay for our staff to study and achieve recognised financial qualifications.


Our staff are qualified with or studying for at least one of the following;



Certificate in Regulated Customer Care



Certificate in Regulated Complaints Handling



Certificate in Mortgage Advice and Practice



The principle of all Financial Redress is to put you back into the position that you would have been had the bad advice not taken place. This means refunding all payments made including any account interest but you also receive compensation for the period of time you have been deprived of the funds at 8%pa. This is called Statutory Interest.


So the more time that has passed since you made your payment, the more statutory interest you receive.


This is why older claims can pay much more redress than newer ones despite the amounts of finance being the same.