Unfair Mortgage Lending



Mortgages are amongst the most highly regulated of financial products. A mortgage is usually a long term commitment which explains the considerable amount of detriment that can be caused if the mortgage is unfair or unsuitable.


  • Consolidation - did you pay off debts with extra mortgage borrowing?

  • Interest Only - did you borrow without having a way to repay without selling your house?

  • Early Repayment Charges - did you pay any penalties to exit a previous mortgage?




Since March 2020, over 2.9 Million Mortgage Payment Holidays have been approved in the UK.* The vast majority of these have now come to an end and borrowers have to restart paying the extra costs. But were you made aware of the consequences of your holiday and the amount of extra costs? You probably only know your new monthly payment!

  • The total amount of interest you pay for your mortgage will increase.

  • The amount of mortgage you owe increases and you may not be able to repay it at the end.

  • Paying a reduced amount instead of taking a complete holiday would have saved you money.