PPI Calculator

PPI Calculator

Your finance was open after April 2008.
(These cases will be referred to a Solicitor to make a court claim. We will receive a payment from the Solicitor if your case is successful)
Your finance was provided after 14th January 2005 and the seller has ceased trading.

1. Select your type of PPI 

Single Premium - Added upfront to the loan incurring interest.

Monthly Premium - Paid each month with no interest.

Card - Variable based on the card balance.


2. Enter details into the red boxes. 

Just estimate dates as best you can

e.g. for 2002, enter 01/01/02.

* Assumptions

Our PPI calculator will provide an accurate result based on your entries. However, we do not know every detail about your particular case so we have to make some reasonable assumptions.

Click here to read more about reasonable assumptions

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