PPI provided after January 2005 and the Seller has ceased trading

The Financial Services Compensation Scheme


FSCS was established to be a Compensation Scheme of Last Resort for consumers when financial firms cease trading or go bust and cannot pay compensation for any claims against them.


Referring your Plevin PPI case to a Solicitor

These undisclosed commission (Plevin) cases are referred to Solicitor to make a court claim. We receive a payment from the Solicitor if your case is successful.


Why do you need to refer to a Solicitor?

As a result of the PPI deadline passing in August 2019, it is now only possible to pursue cases of undisclosed PPI commissions (Plevin claims) to firms that are still trading using the legal system. We are unable to do this for you as a Claims Company because we do not have the same powers as a Solicitor who can legally represent you in court.

Can I do this myself if I do not want to instruct a Solicitor?

YES. The civil court system allows any litigant to act for themselves in person without using a Solicitor. If you feel that you have the time, knowledge and determination to pursue your own claim through the courts then you can do this for yourself. Please note that even if you act in person, you will still have to pay court fees and possibly additional costs if you lose as well depending on the size of your claim.

How much will the Solicitors charge that you refer me to?

Our nominated Solicitors will charge you 20% +VAT if your case settles without having to issue any legal proceedings. This may happen if the Solicitors send a claim letter before commencing legal action.


If your case settles after starting legal action, the Solicitors will charge you 50% including VAT plus

  1. Travel Expenses (only where a court hearing is necessary) calculated at £0.45 per mile or where applicable the cost of a train ticket;

  2. Any costs (including fixed costs under Part 45 of the Civil Procedure Rules 1998) paid or payable by the Lender/Broker;

  3. Any sum in respect of disbursements incurred by us in respect of court fees or counsel’s fees, that have been paid or are payable by the Lender/Broker.


Please note that the majority of cases need legal action to enforce a settlement. If your case is not successful then you will not have to pay any fees.

Why are you doing this and how do you make your money?

We want to ensure that all our clients have the right to appropriate representation so that every claim can be pursued to its fullest extent. We will be paid a commission by the Solicitors for every successful case. The payment that we receive will not affect the amount that you pay the Solicitor which will always be as shown above. The payment to us is therefore a business expense to the Solictor.

What are the risks of using a Solicitor to make a claim?


You should consider the following risks when using a Solictor to make any type of claim.

1. No claim is guaranteed and you may lose your case. However, the Solicitors will always ensure that appropriate insurances are in place to protect you from any losing costs IF your case falls into this category.

2. If the Solicitor has to attend court for a hearing, you will be charged the additional expenses shown above which will decrease the amount that you retain to below 50% as you will be paying more than 50% to the Solicitors.

3. It is not possible to quantify the length of time necessary to run a court claim to completion.

4. You may be asked to attend court for a hearing or speak to any expert witnesses that may be called but this will only occur in exceptional circumstances where the Solicitor is not able to deal with matters on your behalf.