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Unfair Card Limit Increase

 The borrowing on your credit card or store card is subject to the same affordability rules as any other finance like loans and mortgages. Lenders have to complete basic affordability checks before they lend consumers money to ensure that the borrowing can be repaid in a sustainable way without causing any harmful effects.

A survey by Citizens Advice in 2017 found -

  • One fifth of all credit card holders received an uninvited credit increase last year.

  • One third of people who received a credit limit increase increased their spending afterwards.

  • This figure rises to 48% amongst people who found their debts to be a heavy burden.   

Did your lender increase your credit limit without checking you could afford the higher repayments?

Did the higher repayments cause you to struggle financially or put any harmful strain on your finances?

Complete our Quick Claim Check to see if you could be eligible to claim back any unaffordable interest you paid.


* Source - citizensadvice.org.uk 

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